Our Facilities

- 4-6 m2 single bedroom 

- 120 m2 playing area

- 1000 m2 running area 

- Swimming pool 

- air-condtioner

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In-house Boarding 

Family Based Boarding Environment

Paws Balance provide a family based boarding environment. Doggies can make themselves at home instead of staying in a cage all day and feeling stressful.


They are free to walk around and sleep indoor just like what they do at home. Our houses are air conditioned and fully fenced. Doggies will love our huge backyard and new doggy friend. Most dogs love company and playing with other dogs will definitely settle themselves down quickly. 


We believe all dog owners may concern about if their dogs are happy and safe. To make you feel relieved, you will get photo updates daily with details of how your dog is doing everyday. Our in house boarding service is offered to limited number of dogs in order to make sure the safety and comfort of each dog.


Booking in advanced is highly appreciated and necessary especially during public holiday.

​             Pricing List

                         Non Peak      Peak      Non Desexed  

          Dog under 15kg     $40             $45              $50


          Dog under 35kg    $50             $55               $60​

          Dog over 35kg      $60             $70               $80

                   Cat           $20             $23

A Typical Day of Dog Homestay 


Weak up 

Your dog is waked up around 8:00 in the morning and taken to their first play area for toilet with all of their doggy friends.

Morning Play

Morning activities run for approximately 2 hours and are the highlight of your dog’s day! Your dogs engage with our staff and their doggy friends, playing games of fetching, chasing, finding and tunnel racing.

--- All your dog's bedroom will be cleaned during this time ---

Individual Attention & Breakfast 

Premier dog food is provided after the play. Your dogs also have option to our human grade fresh food. After the meal,  all individual needs are attended to – lots of cuddles, kisses and any snacks you provide for the day. 

Nap Time

Your dog really need a good rest after running and playing! It is crucial for dogs to have time out from playtime, like children, they need to recuperate, as a full day of constant exercise and play can cause extreme exhaustion. 

Afternoon Play

By this time they are up and itching for their second round of play time! We go out for another 2 hours of activities. In hot day, your dogs have the option to spend their afternoon by the pool.

----- All your dog's bedroom will be cleaned by the dinner time ----


Relaxation & Dinner 

We settle your dog back to their rooms for some one-on-one cuddle time and then dinner will be provide. 

Toilet time before sleep

Around 9-10pm, your dog will be taken out for a 20 mins play and toilet before go to the bed. 

--- All your dog's bedroom will be cleaned before they go to sleep ----