Paws Balance Human-Grade Dog Treats are made with 100% anchovy—the same quality fish that you would eat. When it comes to dog treat recipes, we know that less is really more. The only ingredient you’ll find listed is pure meat that’s been thinly sliced and dehydrated to create a jerky that’s chewy and irresistible. With a single ingredient of wild-caught fish, they’re loaded with protein and good-for-them omega-3 fatty acids to your dog and cat.  To keep every bite as fresh as the first, Paws Balance lets nature do its work by using a drying process instead of adding chemical preservatives. The result is a portable protein treat that you can take anywhere for spontaneous on-the-go rewards. Break them into bite-size pieces for tinier pups, or to just stretch out treat time.

Wide-Caught Anchovy

    • Dehydrated treats for cats and dogs are the perfect snack for multi-pet households.
    • Made with just a single, tasty ingredient of wild-caught anchovy.
    • Fish is an excellent treat for dogs who have sensitivities to more common protein sources.
    • High in protein and low in calories, the lightweight treat is great to bring anywhere, and easily snaps into smaller pieces.
  • 100% of the ingredients are approved for human consumption. This all natural canine recipe is simple, healthy, uncomplicated and completely balanced for “Growth” and “Maintenance”. This “All Life Stages” natural dog food recipe is ideal for feeding puppies as well as adult dogs. All of our healthy food for dogs is made by hand in small batches in Sydney.

    • No preservatives of any kind.
    • No BHA.
    • No BHT.
    • No artificial coloring.
    • No artificial anything.